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Whatever information about the matrimonial candidates supplied to you is based on the information supplied by candidates. We do not give guarantee about the truthfulness of the information received by us. The concerned are directed to verify and satisfy themselves about the same, by any other mode of their choice. The accessibility of the website from any location depends upon the factors, which are not controlled by us. So we do not give the guarantee of the accessibility of website, from all locations. The information and photograph of the candidate is available on the internet, hence we do not give guarantee that the information and photograph will not be misused. Once registered your information will be accessible to registered candidates. The registration charges are taken only to put your form on our website. Registration fees is non-refundable. The information supplied by candidate cannot be produced as proof in any legal or other matters and MHBVadhuVar.com is not liable to provide any information about candidates in any legal or other matters and the candidate should never ask MHBVadhuVar.com to supply information about any candidate in any legal or other matters.

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Our Success Stories

Ku. Radha Dilip Dolas weds
Chi. Vaibhav Vijay Halade
on 22nd April, 2014

Ku. Shreya Himmantrao Tank weds
Chi. Swapnil Sakharam Kide
on 24th January, 2015

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